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Orthopaedic Surgery Blog

6 Early Warning Signs Of Arthritis

— Aug 2, 2017

Many people suspect arthritis, but avoid sharing their concerns with their doctor and accepting their pain as a circumstance…

Don’t Set A Date For Getting Back In The Game

— Jul 13, 2017

Recovering from ACL surgery is no walk in the park, and it is likely to entail months of rehabilitation to gain back your motion…

Low Impact Exercise For Arthritis Sufferers

— Jul 3, 2017

Swelling, chronic pain, and tenderness can make it really difficult to find the motivation to get moving; but did you know you…

Managing And Reducing Post-Op Pain After Hip And Knee Surgery

— Jun 28, 2017

The combined measures you take can make all the difference on your road to recovery, so consider these guidelines for providing…

All You Need To Know About Robotic Assisted Total Hip Replacement [Video]

— Jun 6, 2017

Total Hip Replacement is a treatment option for late-stage degenerative hip disease, also known as osteoarthritis or…

Access to Orthopaedic Services Available to Public Patients

— Jun 5, 2017

TWEED HEADS — Patients who are not covered by private health insurance will be pleased to learn a range of Dr Jason Tsung’s…

Robotic Assisted Surgery Has Arrived at John Flynn Private Hospital

— Jun 5, 2017

GOLD COAST — Groundbreaking robotic assisted technology is now available at The John Flynn Private Hospital with orthopaedic…

Warm Up Programs For Minimising And Protecting You From ACL Injury [Infographic]

— Aug 18, 2016

This informative graphic addresses the PEP Program and how it can help in minimising and protecting you from ACL injury.

Where To Find Our New Robotic Services [Infographic]

— Jul 21, 2016

This informative graphic addresses our new residency at Gold Coast Surgical Hospital. It shows what our services include and…

Total Hip Replacement [Infographic]

— Jun 16, 2016

This informative graphic addresses Total Hip Replacement. It outlines how a Total Hip Replacement procedure is performed and how…

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