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Jun 5, 2017

Access to Orthopaedic Services Available to Public Patients


TWEED HEADS — Patients who are not covered by private health insurance will be pleased to learn a range of Dr Jason Tsung’s orthopaedic services is also available through the public system. It is Dr Tsung’s belief that all patients should have access to state-of-the-art orthopaedic services and outstanding care.


Dr Tsung is currently the director of orthopaedic services for the Tweed and Byron public network and actively sees non-insured patients at hospitals in this area. The Northern New South Wales orthopaedics department has its own elective surgery unit which offers non-insured patients access to a wide range of facilities and surgical procedures.

Assessments can also be done through the public system, and Dr Tsung is working unremittingly to advance wait periods and access to surgery for local patients.

It is often assumed the public system delivers inferior services to those offered through a private insurer - this couldn’t be further from the truth in Dr Jason Tsung’s case. Dr Tsung’s level of professionalism and commitment to providing second-to-none care has allowed him to gain the ultimate trust of all his patients.

“Patients should see their general practitioner to request a referral which can be sent directly to my office.” Dr Tsung said. “Our office will contact you to arrange an appointment,” he said.

Elective surgery is allocated in advance following a medical assessment of the individual. Most patients awaiting an orthopaedic procedure through the public system will gain admission.


The Tweed Hospital is a regional referral, level 5 base hospital within the Northern New South Wales Local Health District.


Murwillumbah District Hospital is a local community, level 3 rural hospital within the Northern New South Wales Local Health District.


Both The Tweed Hospital and Murwillumbah District Hospital provide a wide range of accessible healthcare services to the public.

For further information:

All surgical enquiries should be directed to Dr Jason Tsung’s main office on (07) 5598 0251. Dr Tsung sees non-insured patients, with procedures performed from The Tweed Hospital and Murwillumbah District Hospital.

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