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Keyhole surgery is a minimally invasive technique that allows a camera (arthroscope) and specialised instruments to be passed into the joint causing minimal tissue trauma. Small keyholes (portals) are created around the joint to allow the passage of the arthroscope and specialised arthroscopic instruments.

Modern joint keyhole surgery can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. The advantage of keyhole surgery over traditional open surgery is:

  1. Less pain

  2. Often done as a day procedure

  3. Faster recovery with earlier return to work



History of Keyhole Surgery

In 1919, a Japanese orthopaedic surgeon Professor Kenji Takagi is credited with the introduction of the first arthroscope into the knee. It was not until 1958, that his pupil Dr Masaki Watanabe pioneered the first therapeutic arthroscopic procedure in Tokyo using a handcrafted arthroscope with optics similar to those used today, earning him the title of the father of modern arthroscopy. 

Dr Watanabe was visited by a Canadian orthopaedic surgeon Robert Jackson during the 1964 Olympics, opening the door to the advent of arthroscopic techniques to the western world and the foundation of the International Arthroscopy Association.



Hip Keyhole Surgery

Also known as hip arthroscopy, keyhole surgery of the hip allows the surgeon to examine and treat structures within the hip joint and also some structures that are just outside the hip joint, such as muscles, tendons and bursae.

While keyhole surgery into the hip joint has been practiced for quite some time, recent advances in both equipment and techniques allow the arthroscopist to use this powerful tool to effectively treat more conditions.

How Does It Work?

During key hole hip surgery, a special camera is passed into the hip joint through small skin cuts also known as ‘portals’. Fluid is passed into the hip joint through the camera and a view from inside the hip is projected digitally onto a video monitor. This allows the surgeon to diagnose hip conditions accurately.

 After the diagnosis is confirmed, most abnormalities can then be treated at the same time. Other specialised instruments are passed into the hip joint through other small keyholes.

 Keyhole surgery of the hip is more technically demanding than other joints since the hip joint is deeper and harder to access. Surgeons proficient in this technique undertake special training to master hip arthroscopy.


Procedure Duration

The procedure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to around 2 hours depending on the required treatment.

Also see Hip Preservation Surgery



Knee Keyhole Surgery

Also known as Knee arthroscopy, is keyhole surgery of the knee. It is a powerful tool to allow orthopaedic surgeons to diagnose and treat many knee conditions. Small cuts or ‘portals’ are made around the knee to allow a specialised camera and instruments into the knee. Compared to ‘open’ surgery, keyhole surgery generally allows faster recovery and less pain. Patients often go home the same day after their knee arthroscopy.


When Is This Operation Useful?

Knee arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat many conditions associated with persistent pain, swelling, catching or giving way, including:

  •        Torn cartilage
  •        Damaged joint surfaces
  •        Meniscus tears
  •        Torn ligament
  •        Damage to the kneecap
  •        Unstable kneecap
  •        Arthritis



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