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The Unstable Kneecap

This is a common problem especially in sportspersons. Usually after a twisting type injury the kneecap slides off the outside of the knee. It may pop back into place by itself or sometimes it remains out of joint and needs to be manipulated back in to position. Whilst most times this is a traumatic injury, in some people no injury causes this problem.

Occasionally this is an ongoing problem with recurrent dislocation, weakness, pain at the front of the knee and instability. The medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) is a key restraint to the kneecap. In situations where the kneecap remains unstable the MPFL is not functional.

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Do I Need Surgery

Sometimes despite a good trial of physiotherapy the kneecap remains unstable and has had multiple dislocations. This is usually an indication for surgery.


The Procedure 

The MPFL is recreated using another tendon ‘autograft’. It most cases this is one of the hamstring tendons from the inner thigh of the same leg. Using a small cut on the inside of the knee this tendon graft is attached to the kneecap and the femur where the MPFL should be. 

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