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The PCL or posterior cruciate ligament is far less commonly injured than the ACL and requires surgery far less often.

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What is the PCL?

This is a strong ligament that runs from the intercondylar notch inside the knee joint to the back of the tibia. It is the primary restraint to backwards slide of the bottom of the knee joint and also helps to give stability when twisting, turning and walking up slopes. Because much of the ligament lies outside the joint it has a better healing potential after injury than does the ACL.


How do you injure the PCL?

Any injury where the bottom of the knee slides back beyond the tolerance of this ligament will tear the PCL. This commonly happens in car accidents where the front of the knee hits the dash board. The PCL can also be injured in ‘hyperextension’ where the knee is over-straightened. 


Do I Need Surgery?

Many PCL injuries do not require surgery. In those who experience instability, pain or have multiple injured knee ligaments, a PCL reconstruction may be recommended.


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