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Orthopaedic Surgery Preparation

Preparation For Surgery

Our reception staff will inform you of the particular details of your admission, including providing any necessary forms for you to fill in, but generally you can expect:


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    • Fast for 6 hours prior to your operation. Nothing by mouth — not even water.
    • Do not use any perfume, deodorant or apply makeup before surgery.
    • Refrain from wearing nail polish — all jewellery should also be removed.
    • Valuable items should be left at home.
    • Bring all x-rays and scans relating to the operation along with you. 
    • Ensure you cease any medications prior to surgery if Dr Tsung requests you to do so.

Bring with you for overnight admission:

    • Toiletries
    • Pyjamas & comfortable clothing
    • Medicare Card & health insurance information
As each surgery is different, it is best to ask any questions or share any concerns you may have prior to admission. You can also view further information about your specific procedure here.  

After Surgery

Prior to your hospital discharge you will be given post-operative instructions. Please follow these closely as they will have a great impact on your recovery. As you are discharged from the orthopaedic ward, a post-operative appointment will be made for you to see Dr Tsung at the required time.  If you are unsure of this consultation time please call 1300 399 223. 

As a general rule, if you have had your operation at a private hospital, Dr Tsung will see you at 2 weeks, and again at 6 weeks post-operative.  Dr Tsung will discuss with you the proposed rehabilitation plans at your first post-op review.  You may also need to attend physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or other health provider appointments to assist with your recovery. Our reception staff can organise this for you. 

Follow-up visits within the first 6 weeks after your operation at a private hospital are included in your surgery cost and are therefore free of charge.  If you require further follow-up after 6 weeks post-op, these may attract a consultation charge.  In some cases, you may require more or fewer visits as determined by Dr Tsung.


Health Insurance and Hospital Fees


Dr Tsung will be charging patients the “no gap” fee.  If your operation attracts no gap, there will be no out-of-pocket expense for your surgeon’s fee.  However, there may also be other costs involved in your operation; including, but not limited to the anaesthetist's fees, surgical assistant fees, hospital excess payment, pathology services, radiology services and pharmacy medications.

You may receive an account from any of these organisations among others.  We advise you check with relevant organisations if you have any queries about their fees.  Please speak with our friendly staff if you have any queries about Dr Tsung’s fees.


Surgery Recovery


Q- How long will I take to recover from surgery?

Each procedure has a different recovery period which will depend on the individual patient. See the surgery specific to you for further information.


Joint Replacements

Q- Will airport scanners pick up my metal joint replacement?

A recent study has shown that 90% of all total hip and knee replacements will be detected by a typical pass through a metal detector at an airport. Upper limb replacements such as shoulder, radial head and wrist replacements are less likely to set off the alarm. Metal plates and screws are also much less likely to create a problem at the airport. Implants made of titanium and chrome/cobalt alloys (common with joint replacements) tend to trigger the detectors, more so than stainless steel (more commonly used for plates and screws).


Q- What should I do at the airport?

Allow for more time at the airport to clear the screening process. Inform the security officer that you have a joint replacement before walking through the security gate. They will most likely need to perform additional tests such as passing a handheld detector wand over your body or a pat down. There is no evidence that this process affects your joint replacement.


Feel free to contact us for more information.


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